Online Video Marketing is a hugely effective way of exposing relevant content to your audience. With video sites ever increasing in popularity there couldn’t be a better time to get your message out there.

Whether you’ve got videos or are looking to have them produced, we have various services to ensure you engage and inform your online market.

Video Submissions and viral video marketing
We can help your video reach a wider audience online by submitting your videos to the webs most populr video sites and portals and generating a buzz around your videos.

Video Advertising and Promotion
We also plan and deliver effective video advertising campaigns to promote your video to your ideal audience and on the most relevant websites. Video advertising can come in various formats including:

  • In-Video
  • Click to Play
  • In-Stream
  • Around Video
  • Video Search


YouTube is undoubtedly the worlds most popular video sharing website and is the first place to start when looking to actively promote your video. We can assist in all aspects of your YouTube strategy, from submitting your video to advertising on YouTube, we’re here to help. We also design and develop bespoke YouTube Channels where you can hold all your videos in a branded page.

YouTube Brand Channel

YouTube Channels are the perfect place to house all video content for businesses or brands and is essentially a customisable home page within the world’s most popular video site.

Having a branded YouTube channel will allow your brand to gain additional online exposure and allow your videos to reach a much wider audience. YouTube allows you to really showcase your content, giving it the opportunity to be spread further and virally.
We also offer full Social Media integration to ensure your video content is automatically uploaded to your other social presences, such as Facebook and Twitter. We can also integrate your new YouTube Channel into your blog.

At Webcare™ we develop bespoke branded YouTube Channels for clients. We can setup and design your Channel to meet your exact requirements. If you need a new presence on YouTube, or already have a Channel that needs a makeover and social integration, get in touch today.

We have designed and developed numerous YouTube Channels for clients in various sectors, please see some recent examples below:

Social Media Integration
Social Media sites play a huge role in spreading your video online and we can help to ensure your video is integrated across all your social media presences.