Email marketing – it’s probably not what you think.

Not all visitors to your website are ready to become customers. They may need a little convincing, or the timing might not be quite right. Either way, if they’re interested enough to have a look, it’s important that these prospects don’t just leave, never to return. That’s where email marketing can help.

Keeping contacts warm

Visitors who aren’t yet ready to buy can be offered other forms of interaction with your business – helping to keep you front-of-mind. So when they are ready to buy, they know precisely where to come.

An elegant solution

Email marketing can provide this link. Users who make enquiries can decide whether they would like to join your mailing list, and you can send these prospects regular email updates, communicating your company’s latest offers and services.

Our email marketing system is a continuously managed “opt in” solution that helps you keep in touch with your existing and potential customers.

Gathering contacts

Our email marketing system can be setup to work seamlessly with your website.

We can gather your contacts directly from your website via an “opt in” contact form and/or we can import contacts from an existing data source.

To ensure your marketing complies with the latest legislation, all contacts are given the opportunity to opt out at any time via a single click link.


We can also schedule a regular newsletter designed by our in-house design team – to keep all of your contacts up to date with your latest products and services.

Each monthly newsletter can be used to promote a particular offer or deal, and all emails can be tracked to see exactly who responded.

Dynamic grouping

Contacts can be segmented into groups according to the nature of their enquiry, and each contact group can then be sent different communications to match their needs. We can also set up an automatic reply service, delivering intelligent response to all enquiries. It’s a very powerful marketing tool that can deliver some remarkable results.

Working with other systems

Our email marketing experts can help integrate your email marketing campaign with your existing system (e.g. Salesforce).

Not spam

We do not use our systems to spam contacts with unwanted emails. We offer our system to companies looking to keep in touch with their contacts. We do not offer a data buying service to pre-populate your database.


All of our email campaigns come with comprehensive reports detailing the total number of customers who viewed the email and whether or not they forwarded the email to a friend.

The report also tracks the number of clicks through to your website, together with the names of each contact who did so.